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“How does Perform Wall compare with the cost of other types of construction?”

Savings in energy can make ICF structures a viable and cheaper.

Typically, Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) in the short term can be more expensive than conventional wood famed structures. However, over the long term, ICF buildings recapture costs, such as savings in energy can make ICF structures a viable and cheaper proposition when compared with any other type of construction over the same period of time. This is in addition to the fact that ICF buildings are stronger, safer, more energy efficient and generally far superior structures than either wood or steel framed buildings. In very general terms, ICF comparative construction costs can be as follows:
ICFs can be 5% to 7% more expensive than 2” x 4” wood frame construction (depending upon the design and style of the building), but equal in cost to 2” x 6” wood frame construction (again, depending upon the design and style of the building). ICFs are more expensive than ungrouted, uninsulated CMU construction but they are significantly cheaper than CMU construction that is required to be both grouted and insulated.

Why use PW

Benefits of using PW
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“What is Perform Wall?”

The Perform Wall Panel® System is a type of Insulating Concrete Form.
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