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“What is Perform Wall?”

The Perform Wall Panel® System is a type of Insulating Concrete Form.

The Perform Wall Panel® System is a type of Insulating Concrete Form (ICF). ICFs are forms that stack like bricks or blocks and allow their interiors to be filled with reinforced concrete. Essentially, an ICF building is a concrete building with the forms left in place. These forms then act as an integrated thermal, fire and sound barrier. The Perform Wall® Panels System is unlike most ICF systems, in that it is categorized under the sub-heading of a “Composite ICF”. Most “typical ICFs” are basically comprised of two sides of pure or virgin EPS (polystyrene) connected in someway by a plastic or metal tie. Composite ICFs are generally manufactured from post consumer (recycled) EPS, which is ground into small spears, coated with cement and pressed into forms. Apart from being a very “green” product, this type of configuration gives Composite ICFs very unique attributes that are generally not available in pure EPS ICFs. For instance, Composite ICFs have “true” non-combustibility (the forms do not support combustion). Composites are more versatile and can be formed, shaped, rasped, cut and pasted to any desired architectural design, arch or radius on-site (they are very flexible and unforgiving during the pre-grout construction phase). Composites generally do not support infestations of termites or other pests, due to the alkalinity of the cement coating of the EPS beads. Composite ICFs are heavier and generally stack firmer with less bracing required against wind or concrete pumping forces. Coatings can be applied “directly” onto the surface of Composite ICFs, with no need for lath or wire, allowing for a strong chemical and mechanical bond of the coverings to the panel substrate. Composite ICFs also build into a monolithic structure, with no internal differential materials, such as plastic or metal ties, which have different coefficients of expansion than the substrate material. This equates to less movement of the wall and less cracking of coverings. In addition, being made from recycled EPS, the Perform Wall® Panel System does not suffer from chemical out-gassing of volatile agents that are inherent in virgin EPS production, which can last up to six months after manufacture. In short, the Perform Wall® Panel System can be viewed as the next generation of ICF technology.

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“How does Perform Wall compare with the cost of other types of construction?”

Savings in energy can make ICF structures a viable and cheaper.
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